The Skywalker EP

by Astro Kid

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A mixtape for an astronaut. Free for everyone on Earth.


released June 28, 2011

Photo courtesy of Shayan Asgharnia




Astro Kid Austin, Texas

Music and space and robots.

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Track Name: Colors of the Sky
Falling through the sky
Colors passing by
Track Name: Starlights in the Sky
Look up in the dark, starlights
So bright, illuminate the night

Falling through the sky
Colors passing by

Night sky star light
Soul shine so bright
Our space hearts race
Beat sync love link
Track Name: The Voyage of Spaceman Rio
Where have you landed
Spaceman Rio
Do you copy
Can you hear me

You set off long ago
On your ship
S.S. Polynomials
Flying high, fueled by
Mankind's Hopes And Dreams

Right behind the moon
You made the jump
Into hyperspace
We lost track
You disappeared
Without a trace

It's been ten hours
Twelve days, four months
And a decade
Time's gone by
No word from you
No word from space
Just empty space

Just emptyness
And space

We don't know where you've gone
Spaceman Rio
But I am still hopeful
We are still hopeful
To keep your ship going
To keep you going
To keep you dreaming
About the day
When you reach a place
Where no man has gone before
And someday
You'll reach a place
Where no man has gone before